About EWH

About Evolve Web Hosting

We're here to help you create and manage your online presence!

In 2007, we officially formed a company and started developing websites. We started developing small sites and gradually progressed to develop online stores and Wordpress based sites for small to medium sized businesses around the US.

It quickly became apparent that others were looking for us to help them understand and manage the various aspects of running a website; not only the design and development portion. Around 2010, we started out slow and rented server space through 'reseller hosting plans' to accomodate our clients. We also partnered with a reseller to offer domain names and SSL certificates.

As of today, we operate out of 3 datacenters and host hundreds of websites for clients around the globe. We are a proud distributor of Comodo SSL certificates and we manage thousands of domains for our clients. We'd love to have you as a client and experience for yourself what a hosting company should be all about!

If you're currently using another hosting provider, take a look at this page to see how easy it is to pick up and move: Hosting Account Transfers. It's not that hard at all!

For those of you more familiar with the hosting industry, rest assured that we will never become owned by EIG no matter what size our company becomes.

Why Choose Evolve Web Hosting?


24/7/365 Email Support & Online Knowledgebase


We focus on providing great Hosting Plans, Domain Registration services and SSL Security Certificates


Servers configured and updated to remain secure


We like to educate our clients whenever we can