•   07/30/2015 9.45 PM

If you're wanting to create a new email account, this article will help you out.

Follow these steps to create a new email account.

1) Login to cPanel

2) Scroll down the screen until you find the 'Email' section and click on 'Accounts'.

3) Enter the email name you want and choose the correct domain if you have Add on Domains added to your account.

4) Choose a strong password and we recommend using the password generator and writing the password down or storing it in a secure place.

5) Choose a quota for this email account. You can either limit the account to 250MB(0.25GB) or set it to unlimited. Please note that 'Unlimited' does not mean that you can store as many emails and attachments as you'd like. This simply means that if you have a hosting plan with 5GB of storage (You can see your total allocated storage within the left column of cPanel under the label 'Disk Space Usage'), you could store up to 5GB worth of email if you don't have website files or databases also counting toward your 5GB limit.

6) Click on 'Create Account' and your email address is now setup.

7) In order to access your email, you may use webmail from any browser by going to yourdomain.com/webmail or by configuring an email client.

Adding cPanel Email Accounts
Creating a new email account in cPanel



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