If you already have an SSL certificate issued through Evolve that is not properly installed on one of our servers, you will need to run the 're install' command through the SSL plugin. These few steps will help you complete this process.

1) Login to cPanel (You may login to the Account Area and then click 'Login to cPanel)

2) Navigate to the AutoInstall SSL Plugin and click on it

Accessing the AutoInstall SSL Plugin

3) Enter the token for the SSL Certificate that you need to re install. If you use the wrong token, you can reverse out of the process until you enter the correct token.

Enter your unique token into the AutoInstall SSL Plugin

4) After you have successfully entered the correct token, scroll down to the 'Manage Your Active Certificate' section and find 'Re Install Certificate'

Reinstall your active SSL Certificate using the AutoInstall SSL Plugin

5) The system will run through a series of steps and will keep you updated through the process. Please be patient and wait until either the success message appears. If a failure message appears, please submit a ticket for our support department to assist you.



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