If you suspect your database may be corrupted, you may login to cPanel and use the 'Check Database' feature to determine if any issues are present.

This process is easy to follow and does not require a backup of your database prior to running the check. To get started:

1) Login to cPanel
2) Find the Database section and click on MySQL Databases
3) Scroll down to the section titled Modify Databases
4) The first option is Check Database
5) Choose the Database you would like to check and click the button
  • If the system detects a problem in the database, it displays the name of the corrupt table.
  • If the Check Complete message displays, the database functions correctly.
If no issues are detected, you may either check another Database or leave this screen. If an issue is detected, take a look at our article on how to repair the corrupted table(s). https://www.evolvewebhost.com/support/knowledgebase/article/repair-a-database



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