This article was written awhile back so it's very likely that the newer versions of Mozilla Thunderbird will look somewhat different from the screenshots posted below

If you have not downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird, you can grab a free copy here:

When you first open Mozilla, navigate to Tools -->> Accounts

In the lower left corner, make sure 'Add a Mail Account' is selected and click OK. You'll see this screen next.

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

On the next screen, you'll see recommended settings. Click on 'Manual config'.

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird, Step 2

You will now see prefilled values that need to be replaced with the following:
Incoming Protocol: You can choose IMAP or POP3. We recommend IMAP if you're using more than 1 device to manage your emails.
Incoming Server:
Incoming Port: 143
SSL: None
Authentication: Auto Detect

Outgoing Server (SMTP):
Port: Start with 25 and in some cases, you may need to use Port 26
SSL: None
Authentication: Auto Detect

Now you may click 'Re-test' and complete setup.

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird, Step 3

You will see this screen and you'll need to click the check box and click the done button. You will not see this message again.

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird, Step 4

View this page to learn more about customizing Mozilla Thunderbird to meet your needs:



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