In order to setup Apple Mail, start by opening the program on your laptop or desktop.

Follow these steps once the program is open:
1) Click 'Mail' in the menu bar towards the upper left corner of your screen and then click 'Accounts'
2) On the new window, click 'Add Another Account' and then click 'Mail Account'
3) Enter your name (the way you want it to appear in someones inbox), your full email address and password for your email account and click 'Sign In'
4) You will now need to verify a few more settings. Enter your full email address one more time, choose IMAP or POP3 and enter the incoming and outgoing mail servers and then click Next

IMAP and POP3 Explained
IMAP: IMAP is a mirror of all messages stored on the server. This allows you to easily keep your messages in sync on multiple devices where you will be able to see the exact same folders and content anywhere you are connected
POP3: POP3 automatically downloads all available messages to the device you are using when you check your emails. This erases the messages from the server and you will not be able to go to another device and see these same messages.

Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers:
Each of our servers use a different name. If you have your 'Welcome Email' from the time you signed up for our hosting services, you will find the necessary information to configure your account. If you do not have this information, please open a support ticket or a Live Chat and we will be happy to give you the right credentials.

Repeat this process if you are adding multiple email accounts to Apple Mail



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