Follow this tutorial to setup email on your iPhone or iPad

Start by going to Settings -->> Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Scroll down the screen and find 'Add Mail Account'

iOS Email Configuration

You will now see this screen and need to tap 'Other'

iOS Email Configuration

This is the screen you will see and you need to enter your Name, your full email address, the password for this email account and you can give it a nickname if you want.

You will also need to choose IMAP or POP3

IMAP = Account is synced on all devices using IMAP settings (great for users with multiple devices)

POP3 = Messages are downloaded to that device only and not available anywhere else.

iOS Email Configuration

Tap 'Next'

You will now see this screen.

iOS Email Configuration

iOS Email Configuration

Tap 'Done' and it will verify your settings. As long as you entered everything correctly, you will be setup.

After your settings have been verified, there are a few more steps to complete in order to properly send and receive emails from your iPhone or iPad if you're using the IMAP Protocol to receive emails.

Return to Settings and navigate to 'Mail, Contacts and Calendars' and you'll see your email account(s) listed. For each account that you add, follow these steps:

1) Tap the account listing

2) You'll now see this screen and you need to tap the 'Account' area that shows your email address

iOS Email Configuration

2) Scroll down to 'Advanced' at the bottom of your screen and tap it. You will now see the following screen.

iOS Email Configuration

3) You will need to tab 'Drafts', 'Sent' and 'Trash' and you will see the following screen.

iOS Email Configuration

4) Select the appropriate folder 'On the Server' for 'Drafts', 'Sent' and 'Trash'.

Once you've completed this step, tap the left arrow in the upper right corner of your screen until you've backed out of the Settings screens.

You have now completed setting up an email account on your Apply iPhone or Apple iPad!



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