In order to open a new support ticket, please visit our Account Area and follow these steps:

If you already have an account registered in our system, please login first to see all available departments before opening your ticket.

1) Choose the correct department (Technical Support, Billing, Domain Support, etc)

2) Please complete any fields asking for usernames and passwords to avoid receiving an extra email asking for this information

3) Provide us with as much information as you can to recreate the issue you are experiencing

4) Please open 1 support ticket for each issue you are experiencing so that we can efficiently help you out and avoid any unnecessary confusion

Sending Emails to Create a New Ticket and/or Ticket Reply

1) Tickets are only opened when received by an email address associated with your Evolve Account. Emails sent from unknown email addresses will not be accepted and therefore will not open a ticket for you

2) Due to spam, we do not accept forwarded emails. If you need to send us something like that, please copy and paste the contents and create a new email with a new subject line

3) When replying to tickets, all replies MUST come from the email address associated with your Evolve account

4) When replying to tickets, please DO NOT change the subject line or else your reply will be lost in transit

Reset Your Support Portal Password

1) Navigate to our Account Area

2) Click the link toward the lower right side of your screen that says Forgot My Password

3) Your username is the email address that you receive invoices and receipts at from us

4) You will receive an email (within 5-8 minutes) that includes a link to click on and reset your password



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