The AutoInstall Plugin can be found in your cPanel account and provides you with an easy way to issue and install your own certificate.

To get started, login to your cPanel account and find the 'Security' Section.

cPanel Security Section

Click on the 'AutoInstall SSL' icon where you'll see the screen below.

Opening Support Tickets

Next, you'll need to copy and past the 'Token' that you received in your inbox from Evolve Web Hosting and click 'Verify Token'. Do not check the box to enter a TokenCode and Token ID.

Opening Support Tickets

When you see the screen shown above, your Token along with the correct dates will appear.

Domain/webspace field: This is where you enter your domain. If you have a wildcard SSL, you will enter * (.org, .net, etc) and if you have a UCC certificate, you will be prompted to enter each domain. Please remember that and are considered as 2 separate domains when using an UCC Certificate.

We suggest keeping the 2 additional boxes checked as shown in the screenshot.

Opening Support Tickets

All fields in the screenshot above are required. Once they are filled in, click 'Submit' and AutoInstall will begin the install process. The next screen will show you the steps taking place along with a confirmation message at the end. Please be patient and let the processes complete prior to closing your browser window. There are times when it takes a few additional minutes beyond the estimated time displayed.



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