How to transfer domains from OpenSRS / Tucows to Evolve Web Hosting

Our guide for helping you transfer your domains away from OpenSRS / Tucows
It is best to take care of these steps first before you place an order with us but it can be done after you place an order with us. If you are ready to transfer your domain, go ahead and order your domain transfer here:

Where to Manage Your Tucows Account From

To begin, you’ll need your login credentials, which you may have to obtain from your current host / registrar and then visit

Verify your contact details

Under the Contact tab, you’ll be able to make sure that your email address is current and change it if you need to.

Disable privacy (if enabled)

On that same screen, you’ll see the option to make sure that Domain Privacy is disabled. You must disable privacy to transfer your domain and it will be re enabled once your transfer to Evolve Web Hosting is completed.

Obtain your authorization code (sometimes called an EPP code)

Obtain your domain auth code by clicking on the tab “Domain Extras”. You’ll need that code once Evolve Web Hosting has initiated your transfer.

Unlock your domain

Click on the tab “Domain Locking” and make sure your domain is unlocked.


If you need assistance, please submit a support ticket here



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