Components of a Domain Name

Added on November 3, 2020

Owning a domain name is the foundation of your website. Choosing a memorable name is key.

During the purchase of a domain, you're presented with various options. In this blog, we're going to look at these options and explain what they are and how they effect you and your website(s).

Registration Price

Most domain registrars will offer you an eye catching 'deal' when you first register your domain. Often times, you'll see .99 for the first year or very similar. The hopes are that once you register you domain(s) you won't be transferring it anytime soon. Don't be fooled by insanely low registration prices. The average and fair price is between $8 and $11 per year.

Renewal Price

This is where many domain registrars 'get you'. Their renewal rates are often largely inflated in hopes of recovering from the low registration rates. It's very important to look at the renewal rate when there is no reason to keep over paying. We don't suggest paying much more than you paid when you originally signed up. If you're paying $15 or more per year to renew, you can do a lot better somewhere else!


Some registrars charge a low rate for the first year and then charge a high rate for years 2 - 10 so be careful and do the math ahead of time. Evolve Hosting is a little bit different because we offer you a fair rate for the first year and carry that through the first 10 years when you register your domain. Our renewal rate is only $1.50 higher per year than our registration price.

Whois Privacy Protection

Whois Privacy Protection is a service that masks your contact details so scammers can not see your details and contact you with bogus offers. A few registrars offer this for no additional charge and others charge upwards of $7.99 per year.

DNS Management

It's important to have the ability to manage your DNS records and it is pretty standard with most domain registrars. Although updates aren't made on a regular basis, it can be a real headache if you need to and don't have the ability to do it yourself or to reach support to help you out.

Whether you are hosting your website(s) with Evolve Hosting or somewhere else, we can still offer you domain registration services at a very competitive rate! We register thousands of domains for customers using Shopify, WIX, Weebly and other hosted web solutions.

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Definition of Nameservers

Added on June 17, 2019

Nameservers are an important part of making sure your website can be loaded when your domain is typed in or searched for.

Nameservers are a required piece when it comes to website hosting. An easy way to understand what nameservers are: Think of them as the street number on your house. The nameservers (address) associate your domain name with your hosting server (house).

How Nameservers are Updated

Nameservers are provided to you by your web hosting provider. Once you have these values, you will need to login to your account where your domain(s) are registered. Every domain registrar should have a help article to explain where and how to update the settings if you're unfamiliar with the process.

DNS Propagation Time

Once you have properly entered the nameserver values, a process called DNS propagation begins. During this process, time is required for DNS servers worldwide to update their cached information for a domain name. Generally, this can take 24-48 hours though sometimes slightly quicker. Unfortunately, this is one thing that no provider has any control over so you have to just let it all happen.

In order to check the status, you can use one of these websites and enter your domain: or