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Added on October 7, 2019

Basic Website Security Tips

As you have likely noticed over the years, Google and other technology companies have done a lot to stress the importance of website security and the way that they notify users of deceptive or hacked websites. As the web has grown, the number of hackers have grown as well. From hacking website code to sending phishing emails looking for your bank account details, Social Security Numbers or other sensitive information, these hackers have caused billions of dollars in damage.

You may be wondering what this has to do with your website and may even be thinking that a hacker would not want to attack your website. You may not be storing credit cards, making transactions or attracting visitors outside of your city limits. The truth is, hackers don't actually look at your website and analyze what information you may or may not have. They write a script and then break into any vulnerable website they can to execute that script.

Every website, big or small, is at risk!

Here is a simple list of steps you can take to protect yourself:

1) Use a hosting company that cares about security and uses up to date software.

2) Keep your website software up to date at all times. New releases aren't all about new features, most updates include security patches as well.

3) Use strong and unique passwords for everything. Don't share the same password between different websites and make sure each password contains a mix of upper case, lower case, characters and/or numbers. Remembering the passwords is a hard thing to do so use a password manager program.

4) Secure your website logins and any other submitted data, such as contact forms, with a simple SSL certificate. Google also promotes sites with HTTPS / SSL encryption.

5) Take things a step further and use a service such as Astra to scan your files for malware, protect your sites from intruders by use of a Firewall and have piece of mind around the clock.

We know this article is short and security can become extremely complex. Visit our website today and start a live chat with one of our security experts. We can help you keep your website safe!