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May 12, 2021

It's almost a daily occurrence that you hear about cyberattacks and ransomware. It's time to ask yourself the question - When is the last time you checked your own website security and took steps to make it more secure for your visitors and yourself?

There is a common list of things you can do that include:

1) Updating all passwords on a regular basis. This includes Admin login credentials, control panel for your hosting service, email passwords, etc. Make sure you use a unique password for each set of credentials and each password includes uppercase and lowercase letters and a symbol or two.

See the following articles about creating strong passwords and additional ways to keep yourself protected:

Password Do's and Don'ts

Securely Share Passwords and Maintain Them

2) Keep your website software up to date to patch any vulnerabilities

3) Making sure you are using a supported PHP version on the server your website(s) are hosted on

4) Use an SSL certificate to encrypt transactions performed on your website

Now for the major questions you should be asking yourself:

1) When is the last time you had a malware scan run for your website?

2) Do you have a firewall that is protecting your website from hackers even getting to your website?

3) What are you doing to maintain your online reputation and build user trust?

4) Is your website blacklisted?

Having a security plan in place that takes care of these items will go a LONG way towards building user trust and avoiding the dreaded HACKED WEBSITE and downtime.

Evolve Hosting is a partner with Astra Security company. Astra is one of the easiest security solutions to setup and protect your website. This doesn't have to be over complicated!

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