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  • March 13
  • 2017

Whois Domain Privacy Protection

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Whois Privacy Protection

How many times have you registered a domain and received an email within hours asking if you want help developing a new website for your brand new domain? Spammers are active and they are searching your Whois Information for every domain that you register.

How to Stop This From Happening

Whenever you register a domain, you provide ICANN with a set of contact details for a Registrant contact, Adminstrative contact and Technical contact. Unless you've purchased domain privacy protection, your name, address, email address and phone number are all publicly available using a Whois Lookup Service.

Whenever you register a domain, you have the option to purchase privacy protection for a small additional fee. This is a great service to have and we strongly recommend adding it to every domain. If you already own a domain without privacy protection, you may contact us and have the service added at any time.

Open a support ticket to the billing department and we'll be happy to add this service for you.

No Whois Privacy Protection

No Whois Privacy Protection

Whois Privacy Protection

Whois Privacy Protection


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