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Many individuals and businesses have their domains registered with multiple registrars and have their hosting and other website assets elsewhere. Often times, this can become confusing and more of a hassle than it’s worth. That’s why we want to provide you with reasons why it may make more sense for you to use the same domain registrar and the same web hosting company. Take a look below to see what our thoughts are and hopefully you’ll be interesting in consolidating into one provider, Evolve Web Hosting, LLC.

Domain Transfer Reason # 1

Your current domain registrar does not provide you with adequate support
If you’re receiving little to no support when you have a question about renewal, DNS support, Whois support or anything else related to your domain, it’s more than likely time for a change in domain registrars.

Domain Transfer Reason # 2

The renewal rates are too high
Often times, domain registrars will lure you in with a very low domain registration or domain transfer rate but what is their renewal rate? Often times, it’s quite high to make up for the deal they originally gave you. A domain is a very important asset but there is no reason to pay a fortune to renew it.

Domain Transfer Reason # 3

You already have a great hosting provider and you know they will give you the support and service you deserve
Often times, you already have a domain or domains registered but you find a great hosting company later. It’s still possible to transfer your domains to this great hosting provider that you’ve found, Evolve Web Hosting, LLC. We make it easy to transfer your domains and easily manage them all from a single portal.

Domain Transfer Reason # 4

You don’t know which company handles which Web Assets
If you don’t know who handles your domain registration but you know who your web hosting company is, it’s best and easiest to consolidate by transferring your domains to your web hosting provider. The staff here at Evolve Web Hosting can help you discover who is in current control so that you can transfer these domains.

Evolve Web Hosting, LLC has been a long time domain registrar and web hosting provider. We want to invite you into the Evolve Web Hosting, LLC experience and help you get your web assets under control today. We make it very easy with management features within our portal and easy auto debit renewals. Now you have one point of contact to manage your domains and web hosting all in one!

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    How many times have you registered a domain and received an email within hours asking if you want help developing a new website for your brand new domain?

    MAR 13, 2017