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Setting up Google Search Console

Setup Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools Home Page

While many website owners want to rank higher in Google search results, they're often lost wondering what it really takes to rank. While the process of SEO is quite complex and takes months to achieve and maintain results, we want to point out a very basic tool that all website owners should have access to.

Google Search Console, also known as Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that allows you to see many critical details about your website including how often Google crawls your site, if they have issues accessing any pages, if there are any security issues and the ability to submit a sitemap with all of your important pages listed.

Getting Started

If you don't already have a Google account, create on here: Google Account Signup
After your account is active, head over to the login page for Google Search Console

Step 1
Signin to the Google Search Console
Step 2
Click 'Add Property' toward the upper right corner of the screen
Google Webmaster Tools Add Property
Step 3
Enter your website address and click 'Add'. If your site loads with SSL for every page, make sure you include https in the URL, otherwise use http.
Google Webmaster Tools Add Property
Step 4
Verify Ownership of Your Site
HTML File Verification - Most Common Method
Google Webmaster Tools HTML File Verify Property
Alternative Verification Methods
Google Webmaster Tools Verify Property

After You're Verified

Once you have successfully verified your site, you can take a few immediate steps:
Google Webmaster Tools Preferences

Click on Search Console Preferences and make sure the box is checked to receive important notifications from Google.

Click on Site Settings and choose your preferred domain.

Click on Google Analytics Property and link your existing analytics account if you have one setup.

Submit a Sitemap
If you already have a .xml file created or a plugin from your CMS based website, enter the URL and submit it to Google to crawl the pages on your site.

Let Google Crawl Your Site

At this point, you are finished and should log back in over the next couple of days once Google has had the chance to crawl your website and update the details in your search console account. At that time, you can start to analyze the data they have provided and start making corrections to improve the crawling and indexing of your website.

For more detailed information on Google Search Console, visit the Search Console Help Site

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