Importance of a Firewall

August 10, 2020

Every website is vulnerable to attacks and attackers have no bias as to which websites they target. Having your website behind a firewall is a strong line of defense against attacks. From injecting malware into your files and database to taking your site down and holding it for ransom, attacks are wide ranged and constantly changing.

How does a firewall work?

A firewall is a 'wall' between your website and the potential hacker. Using sophisticated algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence), a firewall can detect whether there is a harmful visitor attempting to access your site and the firewall will deny them access.

Can you control what is blocked?

Yes! Most firewall providers, including the one Evolve Hosting offers allow you to monitor and create rules specific to your needs. Whitelist or Blacklist IP addresses, block countries and block or allow specific events.

How do I protect my website?

Evolve offers a solution in partnership with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) security company called Astra. We have one simple offering that scans and cleans up malware and utilizes a firewall to keep the bad guys away from your websites. To review the plans and signup, visit this link: Astra AI Security