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Opencart Marketing Tracking

Opencart Marketing Tracking

Opencart Free Ecommerce Software

When you use Opencart v2.2 or v2.3.0.2, you have access to a really cool feature called Marketing Tracking. Marketing Tracking allows you to easily create custom tracking URLs to use in email marketing campaigns, social media posts, blog posts and anywhere else you advertise a link to your website.

Why is this useful?

The use of Marketing Tracking codes allows you to create a unique URL to easily see how many clicks the link has received and how many orders the link has helped to create. By adding a unique number or word at the end of the URL, you’ll easily be able to see the result from your Opencart dashboard or within Google Analytics.

What does the link look like?

586adf4ec030a can be replaced with a custom word such as ‘easter_email’ or whatever fits the description of your campaign.

How can you create this code?

Start by logging into the admin side of your Opencart website and then go to Marketing —>> Marketing where you’ll see be able to click the + button in the upper right hand corner. After you click the + button, you’ll see the form below.

Opencart Marketing Tracking

Fill in the fields and click save.

Note: You can modify this link so that it's a URL to any one of your products and leave ?tracking=custom_code in place.


What do you do with this link?

Whenever you create a link in your blog, social media page, email campaign or anywhere else you want to use it, add this unique URL and that’s it!

What can be tracked through this link?

From your Opencart admin area, you can track the number of clicks and the number of sales generated from the link.

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