Password Do's and Don'ts

April 8, 2020

Due to the volume of hacking and password exploitation going on, we want to present you with the Do's and Don'ts when it ccomes to creating passwords, storing them and keeping them strong. Don't fall victim to a hack by something as simple as keeping your passwords safe and strong at all times.


  • Generate passwords that include Upper Case, Lower Case, Symbols and Letters
  • Make each password unique. Do not recycle the same password over and over
  • Use a password manager to help you generate and store your passwords
  • Do not email passwords if possible. Update shortly thereafter if you end up emailing any of them


  • Do not recycle the same password over and over from site to site
  • Do not use any passwords from this list: Forbe's Do Not Use Password List
  • Do not give your password out to others. If you do, update them shortly after
  • Do not enter your password on a website where there is no padlock in the URL bar meaning it is not encrypted

Following these guides will help keep your websites and email accounts safer overall. They are not a guarantee but will help a lot.

Remember to always connect over HTTPS wherever possible and keep all of your website software up to date. Remove unused files on your web server. If a website looks suspicious. do not enter any login credentials.