Questions to Ask Before Transferring Services to Your Website Designer

June 14, 2021

If you've ever worked with a website designer, they've very likely asked you if you would transfer your domain name(s) and hosting to them as well. While this is not always a bad thing, you should take the time to answer the following questions to make sure it's a good fit for you. Any reputable designer should not refuse to work with you even if you don't agree to transfer your domain name(s) and/or hosting to them as well.

A majority of the website designers are looking to make additional income by reselling a web hosting companies server space and using their domain registration services. Typically, they are looking to take over the technical management for you and mark up the price a little bit to provide them with additional profit.

Who you have your website(s) hosted with and where your domains are registered is critical to your business operations. We've put together a list of questions to ask yourself, based on past experiences we've seen over the years.

Questions to Ask About Your Domains

It's not always about going with the largest company or the cheapest price

1) Will you have access to your own domain name(s) if needed?

2) Will your domains remain registered under your name or will they be registered under your website designers name?

3) How much will you actually be paying?

4) If you decide to end your relationship with the website designer at some point in the future, are they going to cordially release your domain name back to you?

Keep in mind that anytime you register or transfer a domain name, it can not be transferred again for 60 days. This is true with any domain registrar.

5) Which domain registrar will they actually be transferring your domain to?

6) How do you get support if you need it?

7) What hours of support will they be able to provide you with and what is the average first response time?

Questions to Ask About Your Hosting

Not all hosting providers and networks are created equal

1) Who's servers are they actually using?

2) Will you have your own control panel and access to it?

3) What is the server uptime?

4) Who will provide you with support when you need it?

5) How soon will you get a first response?

6) If you want to change hosting companies at a later date, will they give you access to your data?

7) Who will be moving your data to a new server and will you be paying extra for this?

Questions to Ask About Your Website Security

Don't let this be an after thought or have zero options available to you

1) What security options are available?

2) What precautions are taken to minimize hacking?

3) In the unfortunate event that your website is ever hacked, do they have the resources and tools to help you restore your website quickly?

While it may seem easy and convenient to transfer your services to your website designer, that's not always the case. Some website designers are best at creating websites and that is their forte. It may be best to keep control of your digital assets and get support when you need it directly from the hosting provider. You can also give temporary access to your designer to make changes when needed (such as uploading files, creating a database or updating DNS). This is a decision that only you can make and it's best to put some thought into it before making any moves.

Evolve Hosting is a managed service provider so we are always available to help make any configuration changes you need and our business is built around keeping our customers and their assets secure. Security is not an afterthought. If you're hosting with us, using our domain registration services and/or security services, we're a quick support ticket away. We've got your back day and night, 24/7/365!

If you're a website designer or developer and would like to partner with us to offer your clients hosting and domain services, be sure to reach out to our sales team. We work with several agencies to help them and their clients keep their websites up and running and secure.