Efects of Free Web Hosting Plans


We've all seen offers for free web hosting or even hosting that's a dollar or two per month and many have tried or been very tempted. In nearly every instances, there are prices to be paid for signing up for these types of plans. Throughout this article, we'll highlight potential concerns that you should be aware of prior to signing up for one.

Server Speed

You may have heard over and over that you will lose traffic and/or not rank well in search engines if your website is slow to load. These statements are very true and there's a very high chance that a free plan is not going to be fast!

Server Reliability (Downtime)

If your web server is down, it really defeats the purpose of hosting a website. Unfortunately, servers can't be paid for if they are full of free accounts for too long. At some point, the provider is going to run out of money to keep your website up and running.

Support Response Time

Unless you know exactly what you're doing (which isn't the case for a majority of users), you'll need to contact a support professional. Prior to signing up for a plan, checkout the offered support channels and availability. Evolve Web Hosting offers 24/7/365 support with first response times in under 20 minutes.

Useful Features

Prior to signing up, you will want to know if the provider even offers a control panel or the ability to transfer an existing account to their server. If either one of these are not available, it's a good idea to search for another option.

Evolve Web Hosting offers a Free 30 Day Trial Shared Hosting plan which features 5GB of storage, cPanel, account transfers, Softaculous and more! Our 24/7/365 professional support is also included in this plan so take a moment and signup for a free trial today. You won't be disappointed!

Our plans cost as little as 20 cents per day.




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