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Knowing Where Your Websites Are Hosted

Knowing Where Your Websites Are Hosted

Every day, we hear from clients who say they have no idea who the hosting provider is for their website or if they have a control panel to login and manage settings and data. This is incredibly concerning consider this is often a business website and it’s a large asset to the company. If you’re not careful, you could lose data or even be paying too much for services that you do not need.

What we recommend doing

Locate your actual hosting provider. Often times, the name servers for your domain will tell you who the company is. For example, our name servers use the domain

  1. If your name servers don’t help or you can’t find them, you can visit this website:
  2. Make sure you have full access to your hosting control panel and keep your passwords strong and available to yourself and/or your trusted designer / developer
  3. Make sure your website and email are not shared under the same control panel as other clients to your designer / developer. If this is the case, you need to work with the designer / developer to have your own hosting account or look to a more reputable web hosting company.

Issues behind the scenese that you may not see

  1. If someone else gets access to a control panel for another clients data, they have access to yours as well and you will never know it.
  2. If you decide to move to another hosting company, it’s extremely difficult to a create a backup and move the data. This is due to the fact that the backup includes ALL accounts in the single control and not your site alone.
  3. You may be paying for more server resources than you need or you’re utilizing.

What to do if you find out that you do not have access to a dedicated control panel or you find out that other sites are hosted within the same control panel

  1. Ask your website designer / developer for access. If they’re unable to give it to you, request a backup of all of your files and begin the search for a new web hosting provider.
  2. If you’re unable to gain access or your website designer / developer is unwilling to provide you with a backup of your data, you can manually retrieve your files via FTP and you can download your emails to your local computer. Unfortunately, you’ll be unable to access your database and recover that data.

If all of this is over your head, feel free to contact us to consult and make the right move to protect your personal and/or business data.

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