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Easy Domain Registration and Transfers

Evolve Web Hosting provides domain registration services and the ability for you to transfer any of your already owned domains to us. We are very transparent and as some may worry, you are never 'stuck'. All details of your domains are available 24/7 and you are free to do as you wish with them, so long as they are actively registered.



Register any available domains at a low price for up to 10 years at a time

Transfer In

Transfer any domains you already own to Evolve from any other registrar


Use Auto Renew or manually renew early at any time in our portal

Frequently Asked Questions About Domains

Our prices are very competitive and we've created a comparison list so that you can see how we stack up against other domain registrars. Take a look at our domain price comparison page
Yes we can! Open a live chat now and we'll help you figure it out and assist in getting them transferred over to Evolve
There are 2 important rules you should be aware of regarding whether and when a domain name can be transferred from one registrar to another and/or from one registrant to another. The first rule is that you generally cannot transfer a domain name to a new registrar within 60 days of making a change to your contact information. While some registrars may provide an option to opt-out of this 60-day “lock period” this rule is in place for your protection (to prevent unauthorized transfers) and the registrar does not have to offer this option. Contact your registrar to find out if they offer this option. The second rule is that you can only initiate the transfer process if you are the registered name holder, administrative contact, or an individual explicitly authorized to act on behalf of either of those contacts. This information can be viewed by going to and enter your domain name in the look-up tool. This requirement is in place for your protection to guard against an unauthorized transfer of your domain name. Because of this requirement, it is important to keep your contact information up-to-date. Read more about the transfer rules and process here.
Most domains do a have a small fee associated to transfer them. The good news: this fee adds one more year to your expiration date!
The following TLD extensions can be transferred for no cost and they are not eligible for one year extension at the time of transfer:
.au, .br, .ca, .de, .es, .nz, .ru and .uk

DNS Management

If your domain uses our nameservers, easily control the DNS settings from our portal

Whois Privacy Protection

Easily purchase Whois privacy protection if needed through our portal


When you need to update your nameservers, easily do so through our portal

Auto Renew

Manage Auto Renew settings for each of your domains to make sure none of them unexpectedly expire

Registrar Lock

Domain lock is recommended and enabled automatically to prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain. Easily toggle on / off in our portal

Whois Information

View and update the Whois contact information for your domains at any time through the portal

Private Nameservers

For those of you needing to point to a VPS or a Dedicated Server, update your private nameservers through our portal

EPP / Transfer Code

The EPP / Transfer Code is visible for every domain through the use of our portal


Whenever you need our assistance, we're only one click away! Live Chat and Support Tickets are available