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Every domain includes FREE Whois Privacy Protection Forever and Premium Anycast DNS
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Buy a .com domain name
Register: $6.99 $12.99 1st year (requires 2 year registration)
Transfer: $10.99
Renew: $15.99
.com is the most recognized domain extension available. Whether you want to purchase new .com domains or transfer ones you already own, we'll help you manage them all!
Buy a .net domain name
Register: $13.99
Transfer: $14.99
Renew: $17.99
.net was one of the first TLDs introduced on the internet. Because .net has stood the test of time, it’s one of the reasons why a .net is still popular as ever.
Buy a .co.uk domain name
Register: $9.39
Transfer: FREE
Renew: $12.99
.co.uk domains are available and transfers are free1 (does not include 1 year renewal). Register and transfer any number of .co.uk domains with Evolve Web Hosting.
1When transferring a .co.uk domain to us, you will need to place your transfer order on our website and give your current domain registrar the tag 1API-DE before they will release the domain to us. .co.uk domains do not use an EPP code like most other TLDs.

Included with every domain

Transfer Lock

Domains are automatically locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. Of course you will have full control of this option through our portal but we automatically enable this from the start. One less thing to think about!

Anycast DNS

Faster DNS queries, less latency and improved security and redundancy. Many domain registrars do not provide this or they want to charge extra for it. Not all providers are created equally!

Privacy Protection

Every domain automatically includes FREE Whois Privacy Protection forever with the exception of a few TLDs that do not support this such as .us domains. See Whois disclosure for further details about this.

Expert Support

Our team is available to assist with any support related concerns you have. Whether it is a DNS update or making sure your Whois contact information is up to date, we've got you covered.

Whois Disclosure

Additional protection for registries that do not support Whois privacy protection - .us being one example


DNSSEC is an important tool to fight domain hijacking and it is FREE when you register your domains with us

No Gimmicks

Our pricing includes all ICANN fees and applicable taxes. You'll never see a low sale price plus additional fees

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DNS Management

Our easy to use portal allows you to manage all DNS records. Easily update Nameservers, MX Records, A Records and more within minutes. Our Support Team is always available to quickly assist as well.

Privacy Protection

Protect your personal registration information from scammers by hiding your name, address, phone number and email during a Whois lookup.
No Additional Charge

Buying a Website Domain Name

A domain is often overlooked but it's probably the most important website asset you have. Your domain is a large part of your company branding and online identity. Your domain has many functions that are used to protect your company name online, the company reputation, it's part of your advertising, it's on your business cards and it comes up often in conversations with friends, customers and family.

When choosing a domain name or what company to register it with, there are important things to consider:
How long has the company been around?
Will they provide timely support when I need it?
Will the domain be registered in my name or the name of the company I buy it from?
Should I register more than 1 domain name?
Is there a portal that I have access to when I need to manage my domain name?
Does the company I am about to register with take security seriously?

Evolve Web Hosting has been in business since 2013 and since then, we've had a lot of experience with domain name management and we take security very seriously with every customer and every service we offer. In order to help secure your domain further than most, we offer free, automatically enabled domain lock, free whois privacy protection forever and we adhere to all ICANN rules. Domain EPP codes are only released to the domain registrant, if requested.

We welcome the opportunity to be your domain registrar of choice so please, feel free to transfer any and all domains that you own, to Evolve Web Hosting. We will help you with any DNS configuration needs and help to ensure they're securely managed and do not expire when you least expect it. Please reach out to us for assistance or feel free to place a domain transfer or domain registration order at any time.