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Email Migration

The thought of transferring email accounts and messages is extremely stressful and is cause for an anxiety attack for many people. Now that you've found Evolve Hosting, worry no longer. Our team has successfully moved thousands of email messages and yours are next!

We have a 3 step process to securely and safely transfer all of your email messages and folders for each of your email accounts.

Step 1

Successfully connect to your email account and transfer a small number of your folders and email messages. Then we ask that you login to make sure this step was done successfully and the format is right.

Step 2

We will move 90 - 95% of your messages and folders. At this point, the majority of the messages will have been moved before we update your DNS to point to the new mail server.

Step 3

If your domain is registered with us, we will update your DNS to point to your new mail server. If the domain is registered somewhere else, we will give you the DNS information and ask you to login and make the DNS changes. Next, we'll finish transferring the remaining folders and messages that have recently come in to your inbox.

At this point, you'll be ready to connect to your new email account through your favorite email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Android Mail, etc) and start using your new email account!


Standard Email Messages and Folders Migration

In order for us to move your email account which includes messages and folders, we have a flat rate charge as follows:
1 - 5 Accounts = $75 per account
6 - 15 Accounts = $70 per account
16 - 25 Accounts = $65 per account
26+ Accounts = $60 per account

Orders for Email Account Migration can be purchased for data transfer to Microsoft 365 or data transfer to Google Workspace

Moving Email Accounts Plus Data

If you have more than email accounts that need to be moved, including cloud storage, documents, etc. you'll need our Mailbox Migration Bundle Service. Since every organization and account setup is different, we need to discuss with you and evaluate your current setup. At that point, we can provide you with a fair and accurate quote. Please reach out to our Sales Team for a quote.

NOTE: This email migration process is only used if we are setting you up to use Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange Online. If you're using email that comes standard with your hosting account, all email messages will be moving during your hosting account transfer.

If you already use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, you can transfer your license to us. The process involves no data transfer and no downtime. Contact our Sales Department for more information.