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Published on: 02/09/2023 | Updated on: 02/18/2023 | Reading Time: 1 minute

cPanel Zone Editor

cPanel Zone Editor is used to manage your DNS as long as your nameservers are set to those included in your web hosting welcome email from us. These would be ns3.evolvewh.com ns4.evolvewh.com ns22.evolvewh.com ns23.evolvewh.com if you have a shared web hosting plan with us.

If your nameservers are ns1.evolvewhdns.com ns2.evolvewhdns.com and ns3.evolvewhdns.com then your DNS is managed through the Evolve Web Hosting Portal and NOT through the cPanel Zone Editor.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Advanced

To locate the Zone Editor you’ll need to first login to your cPanel account.

Next, locate the Domains section and click on Zone Editor

Improper DNS configuration can lead to services that won’t load or work properly

cPanel Domains Section
cPanel Domains Section

After clicking on Zone Editor shown above, you’ll see the screen below with your domain(s) listed. From here, you’re presented with 4 options:

+ A Record
Add a new A Record
+ CNAME Record
Add a new CNAME Record
+ MX Record
Add a new MX Record
Manage existing DNS records
cPanel Zone Editor
cPanel Zone Editor

If you need any assistance, please submit a ticket for Technical Support

cPanel Zone Editor Official Documentation