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Published on: 02/09/2023 | Updated on: 02/11/2023 | Reading Time: 1 minute

Transmit FTP

This article is published to assist you with Transmit FTP software.

We do not provide any additional support for using this program. If you need additional assistance, contact Transmit directly

Transmit is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for Mac computers. This article will show you how to connect to your account through this software.

In order to get started, you will want to have your hosting welcome email available to reference your account name and password.

Follow the following steps to get logged in:

  1. Click the FTP tab at the top (highlighted in blue)

  2. Enter your server. If your domain has propagated to our servers, you may enter your domain name (without using www.). If your domain has not propgated or you would rather use the IP address, you can type that into the Server field.

  3. Enter your cPanel account name or FTP username if you’ve created an additional FTP account.

  4. Enter the password for the account you’re attempting to connect to.

  5. Use Port 21 and Regular FTP Protocol.

  6. You may save this to a favorites list within Transmit by clicking the ‘+’ icon.

  7. When you’re ready to connect, click the Connect button and open the public_html folder.

That’s it!

Transmit FTP Software
Transmit FTP Software