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Published on: 02/09/2023 | Updated on: 02/20/2023 | Reading Time: 1 minute

DirectAdmin Spam Filters

To configure Spam Filters, start by logging in to your DirectAdmin control panel

Navigate to the E-Mail Manager section and click SPAM Filters

DirectAdmin Email Manager Section
DirectAdmin Email Manager Section

The screenshot below shows all available options. We will cover them in more detail for you.

DirectAdmin Spam Filter Section
DirectAdmin Spam Filter Section

First, choose an option from the dropdown to designate what you want to block (Email, Domain, Stop word or Size). Then enter a value in the field to the right. Under the options section, specify how you want the email to be handled (drop email or send to spambox).

Click Block and it will now appear on screen.

Delete a spam rule
Click the check box next to an existing filter and then click the delete option on your screen.

If you need any assistance, please submit a ticket for Technical Support

DirectAdmin Spam Filter Official Documentation