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Published on: 02/09/2023 | Updated on: 05/08/2024 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Whois Data Reminder Policy (WDRP)

At least annually, we are required to send the registrant the current Whois information, and remind the registrant that provision of false Whois information can be grounds for cancellation of his domain name registration. Registrants must review their Whois data, and make any corrections.

Failure to verify your information will result in temporary suspension until you have verified it. Please click this link for additional information on how to check and update your Whois Contact Information.

The email has the subject line: The verification of your domains is required - {$domain_name}

This email is sent from the address registrant-verification@ispapi.net and it is valid

An Important Note About a Suspended Domain
If you happen to miss the validation email and you are using an email address @yourdomain.com that is suspended, you will need to login to the Evolve Web Hosting Portal and change the registrant email address to another email address that Does Not end @yourdomain.com (use a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc address). That way the verification email can be sent to you and received. If you’d like to update it after verification to again use an email address @yourdomain.com you may do so.
When the box appears asking if you want to check the box and avoid the 60 day transfer lock, Do Not check the box. Checking the box means that both the current and new email address holder need to validate the change and that can not be done at this time because your domain is temporarily suspended.

Subject Line of the email is: The verification of your domains is required - yourdomain.com

Contents of the email: As a new Registrant of a domain name or by changing your name or email address for existing domains, you need to verify this contact information. For new registrations you must verify your email address[1]. For changes to existing domain names, you must verify the name or email modification[1]

To verify the contact information, please click on the link below. Please note that without timely verification of your email address or modified contact information, you can’t fully manage your domain name and your domain name will stop resolving after its respective Verification Deadline Date below.

Link to click on and verify is included

Domain Name(s) Registered Using New Email Address: Only one verification required to verify domain(s) listed below.

For more information on email verification please contact your domain service provider.

Evolve Web Hosting

URL: https://www.evolvewebhost.com

EMail: help@evolvewebhost.com

Phone: +1.3039005050

Terms and Conditions of your Domain Name Registration are available at: https://www.evolvewebhost.com/company/policies

Arvada, Colorado USA

Help Center: https://www.evolvewebhost.com/help/

[1] http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registrars/raa/approved-with-specs-27jun13-en.htm#whois-accuracy

If you do not see this email in your inbox, please make sure you check your junk / spam folder. ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires the domain owner to verify their contact details for every new domain registered within a couple of days or else they will deactivate the domain.

How to Resend the Verification Email to Yourself

  1. Login to the Evolve Web Hosting Portal

  2. Go to Domains > My Domains or click on the Domains icon from the Dashboard of the portal

  3. Locate the domain that needs to be verified and click on it

  4. The next screen will show you a notification like this one shown below

Resend Whois Verification Email
Resend Whois Verification Email
  1. The verification email will be sent to the email address listed as the Registrant of the domain

  2. Remember to check your spam / junk folder if you do not see it and open it to follow the directions to verify your Whois Contact Information

What Happens When the Contact Details Have not Been Verified in Time

When you visit your domain in a web browser, you will see the image below. Either complete the steps to verify or login to the Evolve Web Hosting portal and use the steps above to send the verification email to you again. As soon as it is verified, your domain will be active again.

Domain Suspension Notification
Domain Suspension Notification

Alternate Email Notification

If you have updated the Registrant Email Address and verification is not needed at this time, you will see the following response

Object status does not allow for operation; DOMAIN IS NOT PENDING REGISTRANT VERIFICATION

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please submit a ticket for our Billing Department