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DirectAdmin Webmail:Roundcube

Difficulty Level: Easy If you navigate to Extra Features > Webmail:Roundcube while you are logged in to your DirectAdmin User account, you will access the Webmail login page in a new browser tab or window. Alternatively, you can open your web browser and type in yourdomain.com/roundcube/ to access this same page. Replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name. You will need to enter your email address and password to access webmail.
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DirectAdmin phpMyAdmin

Export a Database Difficulty Level: Easy If you want to backup your database (no files) before you make changes, you can follow these steps: Login to your DirectAdmin Account as the User Navigate to Extra Features within the Menu and click on phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin will open in a new tab or window of your web browser. Select the database that you want to backup from the options in the left column.
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DirectAdmin Extra Features

Difficulty Level: Easy The Extra Features section of DirectAdmin includes links directly to Webmail Roundcube, phpMyAdmin and Softaculous Auto Installer To locate any one of these links, login to your DirectAdmin User account and locate the Extra Features section of the menu and click on your desired link. If you click on the Webmail Roundcube or phpMyAdmin link, you may be asked for a username and password of your email account or database to proceed.
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DirectAdmin File Manager

In order to access File Manager within DirectAdmin, begin by logging in to your DirectAdmin User account. Within the menu, navigate to System Info and Files > File Manager The following tasks can be done within File Manager Create Files Upload Files Create Folders Modify Permissions Delete Files Deleting Files In order to delete a file, we’ll want to navigate to the public_html directory – you can click on it to enter into that directory.
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DirectAdmin Account Manager

DirectAdmin Account Manager Section Add New User Show All Users My Users Manage User Packages Edit User Message Change Passwords Create Administrators List Administrators

DirectAdmin Add New User

To add a new user to your server, start by logging in to your DirectAdmin control panel as the Admin. The first section you will see is called Account Manager. Click the first icon that says Add New User. DirectAdmin Account Manager Section The next screen will have you input values for the following: Username The username can be any combination of letters and numbers that the user desires Email Use the email address of the new user so that they can receive notifications such as disc quota notifications and other important emails related to their DirectAdmin account Password Remember to use a strong and unique password that consists of uppercase and lowercase letters along with atleast 1 number and 1 symbol Domain Enter the domain for the new user, without adding www.
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DirectAdmin Admin Role

Admin Login URL If you are logging in as an Admin (if you have a VPS), the login URL is either server-ip-address:2222 or if you have an SSL certifificate for the server, it’s generally host.yourdomain.com:2222 (replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name) Admin If you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server), you were provided with login credentials as the Admin of the server when you ordered your server. The Admin privileges give you full access to the server and all of the functions included.
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