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Google Workspace Email App Configuration

Your Google Workspace Email Account(s) can be added to Gmail and/or any other Desktop, Tablet or Mobile email client or app. Notes Starting in Fall of 2024, Google Workspace accounts will no longer support less secure apps, third-party apps or devices that ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password. For exact dates, visit Google Workspace Updates. To access apps, you must use OAuth.
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Google Workspace App Status

The Google Workspace App Status Page URL is https://www.google.com/appsstatus/dashboard/ Quickly take a look to see if Google is having any issues with any of their servers and/or apps that may be causing a slowdown in your workflow. If there are any issues, please DO NOT contact us as there is nothing we can do to influence Google and the amount of time it takes them to restore service. The link above will be updated with the status and will let you know as soon as any issue has been resolved.
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Google Workspace Admin

The Google Workspace Admin URL is https://admin.google.com The username for this account uses the format of admin@your-domain.com The password to this admin account can be reset by visiting https://admin.google.com When you first purchase a Google Workspace license, you will receive an email with these login credentials. Store them in a safe place as you will need access to the Admin area from time to time.

Google Workspace

Evolve Web Hosting is partnered to offer the sale of Google Workspace licenses for your personal and/or business use. We offer the Business Starter and Business Standard licenses. Licenses can be purchased on a Monthly or Annual basis. To review the details and purchase licenses, visit https://www.evolvewebhost.com/email/google-workspace Admin Area App Status Support is offered through the following channels: Our Help Center Google Workspace Documentation Google Technical Support