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URL Redirect

Often times, you’ll own additional domains that point to your main domain. If you are only creating a redirect (not setting up email or loading files for these domains), it’s best and easiest to just create a quick URL Redirect using our custom nameservers. Your domain must be registered with us to use this feature. If your domain is not registered with us, scroll down for a link to create a redirect in cPanel or DirectAdmin.
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cPanel Redirects

This article will show you how to redirect primary domains, sub domains and/or subfolders to a new URL. Begin by signing into your cPanel account. Locate the Domains section below and click on Redirects cPanel Domains Section You will now see this screen below: cPanel Redirects Choose whether this is a Permanent or Temporary redirect. Choose the domain that you want to redirect from the drop down menu. If it is a subfolder that you want to redirect, add the subfolder name after the /.
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DirectAdmin Site Redirection

DirectAdmin Site Redirection allows you to redirect 1 URL to another URL To get started, login to the DirectAdmin User account Once you are logged in, either type Site Redirection into the search bar of the DirectAdmin control panel or go to Account Manager > Site Redirection using the DirectAdmin menu. MultipleDomains If you have multiple domains hosted on a single DirectAdmin account, click on the domain name where you see Domain: yourdomain.
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