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Published on: 03/17/2023 | Updated on: 04/25/2024 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

cPanel Hosting Account Data Transfer

We are excited that you have chosen to host your website(s) with Evolve Web Hosting and we look forward to providing you with a positive experience that meets and exceeds your expectations!

In order to start with a positive experience, we offer our professional data transfer services for FREE to handle all of the heavy lifting of moving your data safely to our network.

Below are a few tips and details about the process so that you get a better understanding of how it all works.

  1. If you haven’t already, please make sure that you have an alternate email address on file within our portal at https://core.evolvewebhost.com/login

We recommend using an alternate email address that does not end in @yourdomain.com (the domain you are transferring) so that you can receive communication from us during the transfer process.

If needed, see this link to learn how to add an additional Contact to your Evolve Web Hosting account

  1. Please DO NOT cancel your current hosting plan until we advise you to do so

  2. Backup your cPanel account by following the steps in this article: How to create a cPanel backup - We can certainly assist you with this process as long as we have proper login credentials to your current web hosting provider.

  3. Navigate to https://core.evolvewebhost.com/login and login to your Evolve Web Hosting Account

  4. Open a new Support Ticket and choose Technical Support as the department and choose Shared or Ecommerce Hosting or Manaaged Virtual Private Server for the Service you need support for.

  5. Details to include in the ticket:

  • The URL, cPanel Username and Password to your current cPanel account (for the hosting company you are about to leave)

  • If you are moving from a VPS or a Dedicated Server, please provide us with the Server IP, Root Username and Root Password

  • Let us know what time you would like to start your data transfer

Please enter all of the above information in the Additional Login Credentials Custom Field of the ticket so that it is encrypted and secure.

  1. If your domain is registered elsewhere, please make sure you have that login information as you will need to update your nameservers at the end of the Data Migration process. If you would like to transfer your domains to Evolve Hosting, please visit https://www.evolvewebhost.com/shop/domains/ to begin the process.

We have also prepared many helpful guides to show you how to prepare your Domain Name(s) for successful transfer from various Domain Registrars. You can find those guides at https://www.evolvewebhost.com/help/domain-names/transfer

After this information has been provided, our highly skilled support staff will be in touch with you throughout the entire process.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please submit a ticket for our Sales Department