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Published on: 03/04/2023 | Updated on: 03/04/2023 | Reading Time: 1 minute

WHM Add a Package

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

When you get ready to create individual cPanel user accounts, you need to have a package created to assign them. This package includes quotas for storage, bandwith, email accounts, etc. This article will cover the process.

To get started, login to WHM and locate the section labeled Packages and then click Add a Package

Assign the following options:

Package Name (can not be changed once created)
Disk Quota (MB)
Monthly Bandwidth (MB)
Max FTP Accounts
Max Email Accounts
Max Quota per Email Address (MB)
Max Email Lists
Max Databases
Max Sub Domains
Max Parked Domains
Max Addon Domains
Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed
Maximum percentage of failed or deferred messages a domain may send per hour


Options - generally the box checked for CGI access is all that you need here
cPanel theme - jupiter
Feature List - choose or create a default feature list by selecting from the drop down or click the view button to create a list in a new browser tab
Locale - choose based on your location

If you need any assistance, please submit a ticket for Technical Support

WHM Packages Official Documentation