Whois Privacy Domain Protection

Protect Your Information with Whois ID Protection

Whois Privacy Protection Explained

Whois Privacy Protection is an inexpensive add on that masks your registration details from the public. Anyone can perform a 'Whois Lookup' to see who owns a domain or where it is registered and they will find your name, phone number, mailing address and email address.

How Whois ID Protection Works - Evolve Web Hosting

Benefits of Whois Privacy Protection

When you choose to add Whois Privacy Protection, you can mask all of these details and stop spammers from mining your information and delivering mass spam email to you. Emails from these spammers include messages about paying for services that don't really exist to maintain your domain, threatening to take your domain from you and more.

How to Purchase it

There are a couple of ways to purchase this service depending on your situation:
If you already own domains registered through us, please open a ticket for our Billing Department and we will gladly get you setup.
If you are purchasing a domain from us now or in the future, simply check the box to add this during the checkout process.

Is it Worth the Money

For the small fee of $6.99 per year ($0.02 per day), it's well worth it to hide these details from those who do not need to see this information.

  • Hide your personal information online
  • Avoid the scams, spam and junk mail
  • Protect against annoying telemarketers