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Below you will find answers to many commonly asked questions. Feel free to open a live chat, give our sales department a call or send an email to for more specific answers to your questions. Not every customers needs are the same and we understand that. We want to help you get the right services and help you better manage them.

Astra FAQ

What is the purpose of a firewall?
We're excited to have you transfer your hosting account to us and we cherish your trust in our company. We're more than happy to transfer your current cPanel accoount to our servers for no additional charge. After you've signed up, we'll schedule a time that works best for you.
I use another hosting provider. Can you still secure my website?
Yes! Astra is installed via a CMS plugin and it is independent of your hosting provider.
How does malware scanning and cleanup work?
Once you have installed Astra, you can run our automated malware scan on your website to find and remove the malware. The first scan usually completes in 20-40 minutes, and subsequent scans would take 2-4 minutes. If you request for a malware cleanup during installation, our engineers begin with the cleanup process within 30 minutes. The whole process ideally takes between 4-12 hours, however a better estimate would be given by the engineer after a preliminary scan & the type of infection.
What are IP Whitelist / Blacklist rules?
When you have a firewall in place and you are using third party services such as Paypal, you will need to whitelist IP addresses. This ensures nothing is blocked coming from these IP numbers. Alternatively, you may wish to block certain IP addresses based on the reports you see within the Astra dashboard. With Astra, there are no limits to the number of IP Addresses you can Whitelist (allow) or Blacklist (block).
What CMSs / Frameworks does Astra work with?
Astra has native plugins for all major Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla etc. For frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii etc. we have plug & play libraries which can be used with any project.
For custom built websites, Astra seamlessly integrates with only 1 line of code irrespective of framework and code quality. Our 2-minute Astra installer will help you install Astra or you can check our knowledge base for detailed steps or contact our support.
How many websites can I secure with one plan?
With each Astra plan that you purchase, you can secure one website. We define a website as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). When using a Content Management Systems (CMS), a website is defined as a unique CMS installation. If a FQDN is linked with a sub-directory, it will require its own license.
If is a Magento Store and is a WordPress blog, then you would have to purchase two Astra plans. One for each CMS. We offer special discounts for additional websites in such cases. Please feel free to open a chat to enquire further.
Will my website become slow?
No, your website does not become slow. We have engineered Astra to scale with your website without any latency. Astra is an endpoint firewall & malware scanner which runs on your server & only takes 0.002s to detect threats. No need to change your DNS settings & route your traffic across the world. We have websites with millions of users running Astra without having to worry about any latency.
What access do you need to clean my website?
Our automatic malware scanner allows deletion of malicious files from within your Astra dashboard. However, in some cases our specialists would need temporary access to your server to scan & clean the malicious files in cases of a sophisticated malware attack. After you sign up, you will be prompted to enter login credentials for cPanel, FTP, sFTP, or SSH. You can share any one of these details.These protocols allow us to access your website files and clean the malware.


Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
Every new customer is eligible for our 30 day money back guarantee, so long as our AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) and TOS (Terms of Services) have not been violated. All requests must be made to our Billing / Sales Department before 30 days. Your original payment method will be refunded and your data will be deleted from our servers.
Domain Validated (DV) vs. Organization Validation (OV) vs. Extended Validation (EV)
Domain Validated = You must verify ownership of your domain by uploading a verification file or this can be done through email.
Organization Validation = Sectigo will verify that your business is registered.
Extended Validation = A thorough validation process that not only makes sure that your business is registered but it verifies a utility bill or similar and includes a callback from Sectigo.
What are the Benefits of SSL Certificates?
SSL Certificates enable HTTPS traffic which means all data is loaded and transmitted over secure protocol. An SSL Certificate is needed to encrypt payment information, data submitted through forms (login, contact forms, etc) and may add value to your SEO rankings.