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What is cWatch?

Comodo cWatch Malware Scan and Removal

Malware Detection & Removal

Every cWatch license provides malware scanning and removal for your website. The Pro and Premium licenses provide unlimited cleanups and the Basic license provides you with 1 malware cleanup allowing you to test out the service prior to purchasing a license.

Content Delivery Network (C.D.N.)

A Content Delivery Network is a collection of servers strategically placed around the world that store a snapshot of your website. This allows your website to load faster, no matter where your visitors are coming from. The CDN is available with all licenses (Free and Paid) after a small DNS update.

Comodo cWatch Content Delivery Network

Comodo cWatch Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (W.A.F.)

Think of a Web Application Firewall as a barrier between a hacker and your website. This firewall monitors and authorizes visitors in order to prevent hackers from even having the smallest opportunity to access your website files and/or databases.

Security Incident Event Management (S.I.E.M)

This is the process of collecting logs and monitoring all activity across the network to be proactive in detecting threats before they reach your website and wreak havoc.

Comodo cWatch Malware Scan and Removal

Comodo cWatch Malware Scan and Removal

Cyber Security Operations Center 24/7/365 (C.S.O.C.)

Certified security analysts on guard 24/7/365 to monitor, assess and defend websites, applications, databases, data centers, servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints.

In Depth Plan Details

All cWatch plans work with all web hosting plans and all web hosting providers. You do not have to have a hosting plan with us in order to purchase and use this service. If you are also interested in changing web hosting providers, learn more about Transferring Your Website to Evolve

If you have any questions about Comodo cWatch or any of our other services, please Open a Live Chat

Basic (Free)Pro (30 Day Trial)ProPremium
Free Malware Scanning + 1 Cleanup30 Day Trial of Pro LicenseOur Most Popular and Comprehensive PlanAll Pro Features + More Frequent Scans and Quicker Cleanup
# of Domains Protected1 per license1 per license1 per license1 per license
# of Files ScannedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Price$0 / month$0 First 30 Days$14.90 / month$29.90 / month
Malware Detection & Removal
Hack Repair2x per month
Full Blacklist Removal
Proactive Spam Prevention
Continuous malware & hack detection scanning
Daily vulnerability (OWASP) scan
Trojan detection & protection
Vulnerability repair2x per month
Continous blacklisting monitor
Traffic hijacking recovery2x per month
SEO poisoning recovery2x per month
Automatic discovery of advanced threats
Automated malware removal2x per month
Command & control server communication detection
Security Information & Event Management
Real time threat & breach protection
Advanced persistent threat indentification
Incident management & remediation
Anomaly search & detection
24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center
Dedicated CSOC analyst
Expert tuning & configuration
Reverse malware & suspect engineering
Threat investigation & analysis
Correlations over multiple incidents
Integration with threat intelligence
Alerting & incident escalations
Managed Web Application Firewall
Fully managed updates
Fine-grained control
Bot protection
Scraping protection
Enterprise control
SQL injection prevention
XSS (cross site scripting) protection
XML-RPC protection
Bruteforce protection
Block access via backdoor files
Illegal resource access protection
Blacklisting of clients, countries and lP's
Information reveal prevention
OWASP top 10 protection
WAF rule update upon request
Content Delivery Network
Layer 3, 4, 5, & 6 DDoS protection
Layer 7 DDoS protection
Instant cache purge
Advanced website acceleration
Asset preloading
Cache / header settings
Anycast DNS
100% Uptime
Load Balancing
Full HTTPS/SSL Support
Performance Optimization
Technical Support
Comodo 24/7/365 Live Chat
Price$0 / month$0 First 30 Days$14.90 / month$29.90 / month