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SSL is no longer a buzzword and if you don't have a certificate yet, it's time to learn about it and make sure your websites have SSL encryption. Make sure your web pages are loading with the Padlock next to your URL.

How SSL Works

An SSL certificate does a lot more than add the Padlock that you see in your web browser. An SSL certificate takes any data entered in forms (logins, email contact forms, shopping cart checkout, payment info, etc) and encrypts the data prior to processing it.

How HTTPS Encryption Works

Browser Warnings

You have likely noticed that all browsers (desktop, tablet and mobile) are all displaying a 'not secure' notification to you when you visit a website that does not have a valid SSL certificate.

HTTP Browser Warning

Search Engine Rankings Boost

Although no search engine ranking signals are made public, it has been noted several times that search engines are placing additional emphasis to rank sites higher that use the HTTPS protocol.

Validation Types

Domain Validation (DV)
Domain Validation is the quickest way to get a certificate issued. The only verification required is control of your domain and the certificate can be issued within minutes.

Organization Validation (OV)
Organization Validation requires a little bit more work than the Domain Validated certificates. In addition to verifying ownership of your domain, you will also need to be able to provide a business document (utility bill or similar).

Extended Validation (EV)
EV certificates provide the 'Green Address Bar' in web browsers and require the most validation. In addition to proving ownership of your domain and providing business documents, Sectigo or Geotrust will also be calling you to verify your phone number.

Single Domain vs. Wildcard

Single Domain
Any of our listed certificates that do not say Wildcard will cover 1 FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) or 1 subdomain. If you are looking to secure subfolders (ie.,, this type of certificate will work for you.

Wildcard certificates are only needed when you need to secure subdomains (ie., These certificates are a little bit more expensive and none are offered with the EV (Green Address Bar) validation.

Sectigo Essential SSL (DV)

Essential SSL is the most economical and easiest to issue certificate. Essential SSL can be issued and installed on your server within 10 minutes and it's perfect for all information and small ecommerce websites. This certificate is great for securing a single domain name.

$28 - 1 Year
$49 - 2 Years

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Sectigo SSL (DV)

Sectigo SSL is just as easy as the Essential SSL to get issued and installed. The difference in this certificate is the level of warranty provided by Sectigo in the event that any data is breached.

$100 - 1 Year
$158 - 2 Years

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Geotrust QuickSSL Premium (DV)

The QuickSSL Premium is a great certificate to secure your website data and it's quick to be issued and installed. This certificate secures a single domain.

$88 $59 - 1 Year
$154 - 2 Years

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Sectigo DV UCC (DV)

Sectigo DV UCC is the right choice when you want to secure multiple domains with a single certificate or you need to secure a Microsoft Exchange Server. 2 SANS are included.

$130 - 1 Year
$218 - 2 Years

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Geotrust True BusinessID w/ EV (EV)

True BusinessID w/ EV offers Green Bar status and the highest level of trust to your website visitors. Although it takes longer to receive this certificate, it's often worth it to help increase conversions.

$175 - 1 Year
$270 - 2 Years

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Sectigo Essential SSL Wildcard (DV)

Sectigo Essential SSL Wildcard is an economical way to secure all subdomains for your website. Backed by a $10k Warranty and issued within minutes, it's hard to pass up.

$150 - 1 Year
$260 - 2 Years

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Geotrust True BusinessID Wildcard (OV)

Ultimate Business website protection with the industry recognized Geotrust True BusinessID Wildcard. Secure all subdomains on your website. This certificate is usually issued in 24-48 hours.

$439 - 1 Year
$768 - 2 Years

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Sectigo EV SSL (EV)

EV SSL is used on our website and includes full business validation and the Green Bar in the web browsers. This is the strongest, most trusted certificate you can own.

$175 - 1 Year
$270 - 2 Years

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Sectigo SSL Wildcard (DV)

Similar to the Essential SSL Wildcard, this certificate secures all subdomains & it's issued within minutes to protect your website. This certificate offers a $250k warranty & is recognized everywhere.

$295 - 1 Year
$490 - 2 Years

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