Managed Web Hosting for Website Designers and Developers

Evolve Web Hosting is proud to offer fully managed web hosting for you and your website design clients. We understand that it is convenient for you to resell web hosting plans to your customers and have a single and reliable hosting provider with strong and dependable 24/7/365 support. Your job is to design websites and not manage servers and software for them which is where Evolve comes in. We enjoy building strong relationships with website developers and agencies and we love to help you earn extra income.

We offer fully white labeled reseller web hosting or an affiliate program, whichever you prefer. Details about this are listed below.

Reseller Highlights

100% White Label
Fully Managed Support
Free transfers for all current and future clients of yours
All support requests come from your team on behalf your clients. No interaction between your clients and Evolve

Reseller Options

Evolve Web Hosting can offer you Fully Managed VPS SSD, Fully Managed Cloud VPS and/or Dedicated Servers depending on your budget and volume of clients sites you want to host. When choosing any of these options, you're free to create the hosting packages and your own price to resell to your clients. Simply purchase the server space from us and we'll handle all support related issues directly through you. Your clients will come to you first with any issues they may encounter.

Why We Don't Advertise 'Traditional Reseller Hosting'

Reseller hosting offered by other providers is the same thing we offer with one major exception: You are not given full root access. It's restricted to certain features and functions. Since our VPS and Dedicated Servers are fully managed, you have the option to utilize all server features or have us handle everything for you.

Affiliate Highlights

Earn a Commission for every client of yours who signs up with us
Your client is responsible for support issues and service renewals. They will have direct contact with us for all hosting, domain and SSL related matters

Contact us for pricing based on volume

We Offer Everything Needed for Reliable Web Hosting

Different Types of Hosting Environments (Dedicated Servers, VPS, Shared Hosting, etc)
Domain Registration
SSL Certificates from Sectigo and Geotrust
Malware Scanning and Cleanup from Comodo