Web Hosting Company Greater Denver Colorado Area

Evolve Web Hosting was formed in April 2013 in Summit County, Colorado. When we started, our offerings included shared web hosting and domain name registration. We were quickly finding that a lot of customers were looking for a provider who could offer them the services and support they needed for multiple products. Customers get confused when they have a domain name registered with one company and a hosting plan with another company. They don't know who to turn to when they need support and there is a lot of back and forth between the two companies whenever any issues need to be resolved.

After seeing misconfigured DNS, malware in the customers files during transfers from other hosting providers and a general lack of awareness of what was going on with customers sites, we knew we could do a lot more to correct these issues and make life easier for our customers.

We began to add a few more services that our customers desparately needed. This includes a Firewall service to stop attacks from happening as well as SSL Certificates to better protect sensitive data transmission. We also stepped up our efforts to educate our customers about best practices when it comes to keeping software updated, creating and sharing passwords and maintaining overall account security.