Benefits of Evolve Web Hosting Transfer Services

Safe and Secure

With years of experience and thousands of accounts transferred, we've got a proven process in place to ensure all of your data is properly backed up and moved to our servers.

We'll communicate with you throughout the process.

Stress Free

Instead of scratching your head and wasting hours trying to figure out how to move your data and not lose any of it, kick back and relax while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, it's no additional cost to you!

Malware Scan

As soon as your transfer is completed, we will run a complimentary malware scan of your data to make sure that no malware was moved from your previous host to our network. We do strongly recommend Astra Security for ongoing scans and round the clock protection.

Web Hosting Transfer Services

  • Note
    Our free transfer services are only offered for "as-is" transfer of website content and data with no updates to the site configuration, aside from database connection details. Copying an existing site to a new domain or changing the URL of an existing site would NOT be free.
  • Example
    WordPress must be configured for the location it is installed to. Transferring a WordPress site from to, or would require reconfiguration to function after the transfer and would not be eligible for free transfer.
  • Types of Data we can Transfer
    Website Files and Folders, Databases, Email Accounts and Messages, FTP Accounts and Settings, Email Forwarders, DNS Zones.
  • Providers we can NOT Transfer From
    Yahoo!, Weebly, Wix, VistaPrint, Intuit, Google Sites, Homestead, Shopify, Squarespace
    Each of these providers use their own proprietary software that can not be hosted anywhere else. If you are looking to leave one of these providers, we suggest signing up for a hosting plan with us and then creating your website using software such as Wordpress® or Joomla.
  • Website Designer Developer Agency Transfers
    If you run a website design agency or web development company, we look forward to working with you! Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you and your clients the network and technical expertise to supplement your business.
  • Cost of a Web Hosting Transfer
    If your hosting account currently uses cPanel or DirectAdmin or Plesk, the transfer is free. If you are using any other control panel, we will investigate on a case by case basis and give you a quote before beginning any transfer.
  • Timeframe
    The time it takes to transfer will depend on when you want us to start and the size of the data being moved. More data takes more time.
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