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Published on: 03/12/2023 | Updated on: 03/12/2023 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Expired Domain Recovery Policy (EDRP)

Certain domain verification emails will be sent from registrant-verification@ispapi.net and they are valid - please respond to them


When does the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) policy become effective?
ICANN requires ERRP policy to be effective starting on August 31, 2013
How many ERRP email notices will be sent out?
Each and every EXPIRING domain must receive up to three (3) notices - approximately one month and one week before the expiration date of a domain and five (5) days after. Bulk domain notifications will be sent in the same single email if domains are expiring at approximately the same date range
Will ERRP emails be sent out if the domain is in AUTORENEW status?
Yes. ICANN requires ERRP notices to be sent until the renewal is finalized. If a domain is set to AUTORENEW only the two pre-expirey (2) ERRP emails will be sent (approximately one month and one week before the expiration date)
Which TLDs does the ERRP policy apply?
Only gTLDs are affected by the ERRP policy, all ccTLDs are excluded
When will a domain stop resolving?
Only for gTLDs that are set to AUTODELETE/AUTOEXPIRE, the DNS resolution will be interrupted 36 days after expiration. This is eight days before deletion
Can I still transfer a domain if it is not resolving any more?
Yes. It is still possible to transfer a domain
Can I activate my domain with a simple RENEW if it stopped resolving?
Yes. Until a domain is deleted you can simply renew it
How I could prevent or stop the ERRP notice from being sent out for a domain?
If you explicitly RENEW your domain at least 30 days before the expiration date no ERRP notice will be sent out.If you explicitly RENEW your domain at least 7 days before deletion only the first ERRP notice (approximately one month before the expiration date) will be sent out.

If a domain is configured to AUTORENEW or if you explicitly RENEW your domain at least one day after expiration only the two ERRP pre-expirey notices (approximately one month and one week before the expiration date) are sent out

If you have any questions regarding this, please submit a ticket for our Billing Department