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Published on: 12/06/2023 | Updated on: 12/06/2023 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google Workspace Email App Configuration

Your Google Workspace Email Account(s) can be added to Gmail and/or any other Desktop, Tablet or Mobile email client or app.

Starting in Fall of 2024, Google Workspace accounts will no longer support less secure apps, third-party apps or devices that ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password. For exact dates, visit Google Workspace Updates. To access apps, you must use OAuth. To prepare for this change, review the details in Transition from less secure apps to OAuth.
Recommended by Google
We recommend you use Gmail only with third-party email clients that support OAuth. OAuth lets apps and websites share your Google account data without requiring your username or password. Email clients that use OAuth keep your Gmail account more secure.

You are free to choose the program you use but Google Recommends the latest version of Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail

Before you begin: Turn on IMAP in the Admin console
To let your users sync Gmail with third-party mail clients, turn on IMAP in the Admin console by following the steps in Turn POP and IMAP on and off for users.

If you are using multiple devices such as a mobile phone app and a desktop client or gmail.com on the web then you should use the IMAP protocol for your incoming server settings. This allows all of your messages and folders to remain synced on every single device you connect with. ALL DEVICES need to be configured using the IMAP protocol as your incoming server for this to work properly.

POP or POP3 means that when you check for new mail messages, they are downloaded on the device you are using and removed from the server. Therefore, if you were to login using a different device, you would need see the emails that were downloaded on your other device.

Choose POP or IMAP - You can only use one protocol for your incoming server settings

Configuration Settings

Your Name
The name you use with your Google Workspace Gmail account
Your Google Workspace Gmail address
Your Google Workspace Gmail password
IMAP Server
IMAP Encryption
SMTP Server
SMTP Encryption

Set up Gmail with a third-party email client Documentation